RCR24SSA-6R High EMI Receiver, 6-Relay, 2.4 GHz


The RCR24SSA Series remote control receivers are designed to provide a quick and cost effective solution for a variety of wireless remote control relay applications. The receiver includes an external antenna, decoder and six 10-Amp on-board relays. The receiver utilizes spread spectrum technology and offers excellent electromagnetic interference (EMI) tolerance, often found in AC and DC motor applications. Units are designed to work with Applied Wireless KTX24SSA series 2400 MHz transmitters. These products will not interfere with or be affected by Wifi systems. This is a learning receiver, and can learn up to 60 different transmitters.
Receiver, 800253A-3 1/4-wave 3-dBi whip antenna




High EMI Tolerance
Six 10-Amp SPDT On-Board Relays
Long Range – 500 ft1 And More
Integrated Code-Learning Decoder
Can Learn up to 60 Transmitter IDs
4 Billion+ Unique Transmitter IDs
Momentary, Latched, or Toggle Operation
12-36 Volt DC or AC Operation
LED Output Activation Indicators
Use Two or More for 12-Channel Remote Transmitter
Made in USA


Remote Control
Industrial ON/OFF Applications
Motor Control
Solenoid Control
Lighting Control
Access Control
PLC Activation

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4.5 × 1.5 in

Data Sheet

Download (PDF, 160KB)

User Guide [PDF]

Download (PDF, 434KB)

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