RCR433C3R Receiver w/10A Relays


The RCR C-series remote control receiver is designed to provide a quick and cost effective solution for a variety of wireless applications. The receiver includes an external antenna, decoder and 10A-relay outputs. The receiver offers excellent sensitivity and selectivity by its utilization of SAW technology and state-of-the-art low noise amplifiers. An external jack is provided for external long-range antenna. Applied Wireless’ proprietary C-Code protocol provides a very high degree of security, with more than 16 million transmitter ID codes. Units are designed to work with Applied Wireless KTX and KTXW C-series remote control transmitters. This is a “learning” receiver, and can learn up to four different factory-coded transmitters.  For applications using many remote transmitters, a unique “house” code can be assigned to all the transmitter remotes.
Receiver, plug-in whip antenna

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Matching Transmitters Available
Three 10A SPDT Relay Outputs
Long Range — Up to 600 ft*
Can Learn up to 4 Transmitter ID’s
Highly Secure – 16.7+ Million Transmitter ID Codes
12-24 Volt DC or AC Operation
Plugable Screw-Clamp Wiring Connectors
Momentary, Latching, or Toggle Operation
LED Output Activation Indicators
Made in USA

*When used with DP400A dipole antennas. Typical range is 300-400 ft. when used with standard non-ground-plane whip antenna (included).  Longer range with KTXW433C6-n handheld remotes.


Remote Control
Industrial ON/OFF Applications
Motor Control
Solenoid Control
Lighting Control
Remote Dock Light
Remote Door Strike
Remote Pump Control
Remote Boat Lift
Remote Production Line Signaling
and many other

Additional information

Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 4 × 1.5 in
Available Models

RCR433C3R, 433MHz, 3-CH Receiver

Data Sheet

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User Guide [PDF]

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