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Message Dated 6/18/2009

Hi, I just wanted to say that after installing my purchase (031609) of my wireless relay, contactor, powered antenna, and using it now for over a month in all kinds of conditions, it works flawlessly!  ..... the receiver picks up the little key fobs button presses well over 800 feet away.... it works through building walls, tree groves and anything else that has been in its way.... your product is great and clearly does what you claim it will....



Message Dated 5/21/2009

We bought your radio's last year on the way to the Portland Oregon Airshow (Hillsboro, Or) 1 AT900-32 and 2 of the AR900-32's with the yagi's you had on hand.  I must say they preformed flawlessly!  Getting them going was a bit of a trial until I rotated the yagis 90 degrees to horizontal orientation and them everything work perfectly.  I haven't modded the AT900-32 yet to use an external antenna as the built in worked just fine.  Our 2 throw's were approx 1050 feet and 800 feet.



Message Dated 4/27/2010


I recently purchased a PAT900 and PAR900. Their performance exceeded my expectations with 750 ft. range NOT line of site!  The PAT900 also survived a fall from a 13 foot tripod and still performed perfectly! It was padded only with the 1/8 in.foam packaging that covered the box in which you shipped it, and then contained in a canvas backpack. Thank you for building such a sturdy, high performance product.


Bruce C.


 Message Dated 6/4/11

 I received my RCR303C3R receiver and KTX303C3 transmitter yesterday.  I also ordered the active dipole antenna and AC power adapter.  I am using this to control a full size railroad crossing and it works perfect.  I have tested the transmitter to over 1200 feet away and can't overstate how well it works.  One button controls the bell, one controls the lights and the third button runs the gate mechanism.  This is a perfect fit mor my application and I could not be more pleased with it.  Also, it was shipped the same day that I ordered it and it arrived in perfect condition encased in heavy bubble wrap.  Here is a link to a video of the receiver in action.

I highly recommend this product and remember...Always expect a train.


Mike A.

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