These transmitters and receivers are designed for industrial long-range wireless analog sensor applications that utilize 4-20 mA, 0-1V, 0-5V or 0-10V.

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These products offer an open field range of up to 2-Miles with the included antennas. Even greater range can be achieved using receive-side directional antennas such as Yagi’s and flat panel antennas.

These products offer true analog into out signals with an accuracy of a fraction of a percent. Up to 4 sensors may be connected to a single transmitter.

Key Features

  • Range up to 2-Miles
  • Up to 4-Analog Input Channels
  • Up to 4 Additional Remote ON/OFF
  • Channels (Switch Following)
  • NEMA Watertight Options
  • 12 to 36V DC Supply Input
  • External Whip Antenna Included
  • FCC Certified
  • Made in USA


  • Industrial Wireless Sensor Data, including
    • Thermistor Data
    • Ammonia Sensor Data
    • Wireless 4-20 mA
    • Wireless 0-10V
    • Wireless 0-5V
  • Remote ON/OFF Controls
Products Selection Guide
Analog Input Channels
Analog Output Channels
Remote ON/OFF Channels
Transmitter, Analog Sensor, 900MHz
Receiver, Analog Sensor, 900MHz