Applied Wireless

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Applied Wireless offers a range of mil spec wireless products that do not conform to Part 15 of the FCC Rules and Regulations. These products are not available for civilian use because:

  1. Their RF transmitter power output exceeds FCC limits, and/or
  2. They operate at a frequency that is not approved for general civilian use.

For these reasons, mil spec wireless products may only be purchased or used by military, law enforcement, or other governmental agencies that are exempt from FCC Rules and Regulations.

Mil spec wireless products are not available for online purchase; however, any qualified agency wishing to purchase Applied Wireless’ non-FCC-conforming products is invited to submit a completed FCC Waiver Form. The form (in pdf format) may be downloaded by clicking the link below. The form must be printed directly on the qualified agency’s letterhead, completed, and signed by an authorized representative of the agency. Fax the completed FCC Waiver Form to Applied Wireless, Inc. at 805-383-9001. Upon receipt of the completed FCC Waiver Form, an Applied Wireless representative will contact you by telephone or email.

View / Print the Applied Wireless FCC Waiver Form by clicking HERE

In addition to submitting a completed FCC Waiver Form by fax, please click the button below to send us an inquiry about the specific products of interest along with your contact information. Thank you.