VR900-3 3-CH Video Receiver


Designed for long-range wireless video applications under Part 15 of the FCC Regulations, the VR900-3 provides excellent B/W and color video quality. The channels are spaced 8 MHz apart to allow multiple channel operation in a common area. Use with VT900-3 transmitter. Receiver includes ceramic front-end filters, IF SAW filters for excellent selectivity and low noise front end. Channel selection is screwdiver adjustable from the front panel. For audio/video applications, see model AVR900-3. For longer range, see Applied Wireless FP and Y series directional antennas.

*Unobstructed line of sight outdoor range is typically 750 ft, when used with included omni-directional antenna and VT9003A transmitter. Longer range can be achieved with a directional receiver antenna such as a flat panel or Yagi. Higher power transmitter model VT900-3B is available only for military or law enforcement applications.
Receiver, antenna (800136), AC power adaptor, video cable, User’s Guide

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3-Channel Selection
Long-Range (2600 ft*)
75 Ohm NTSC Output
Crystal Reference
Rugged Extruded Aluminum Enclosure
IF SAW Filter For Excellent Selectivity
LED Signal Strength Indicator
Antenna, AC Adapter and Power Cable Included


Wireless Video Transmission
Video Surveillance
Portable Wireless Camera/Monitor Systems

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Data Sheet

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User Guide [PDF]

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