SF900C “Switch Follower” Voltage Input Transmitter, Long Range, Outdoor Enclosure



The SF Series products are a two-way system designed to provide a quick and cost effective solution for a variety of wireless switching applications. The SF voltage input “switch following” transmitter can be used for long range (3-mi.) wireless control of relays.  As a switch “follower”, the remote relays will “follow” the actions of a single or multiple remote input switches.

Each SF900C system has up to 8-inputs connected to a transmitter which control 8-outputs at the receiver. Designed to work in either pairs or one transmitter to several receivers, the output relay at the “receive” end of the wireless link will “follow” the input at the “transmit” end of the other unit. An optional “loopback” mode can be set for each channel separately. This will activate the corresponding relay at the TRANSMITTER end confirming that the switch change was carried out at the receive end.

The inputs are opto-isolated and may be operated by an applied voltage that can be supplied by a power source from 5 to 24 Volts AC or DC through a switch contact, relay, sensor, PLC output etc.

These products utilize frequency hopping spread spectrum technology and are immune to interference and multi-path fading.  They will not cause interference with wi-fi networks.  Also available in outdoor NEMA IP-65 enclosure.

Voltage Input Transmitter/SF, Outdoor, High EMI, Outdoor Enclosure

SF900 Outdoor Transmitter and antenna.  -PS version includes 120/240V Power Supply.

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  • NEMA 4X Enclosure for Outdoor Installation
  • Up to 8-Inputs and 10 each-10A Relay Outputs
  • Long Range: 1 to 3 Miles
  • Two-Way Operation
  • Two Input Modes-Dry Contact and/or Voltage Trigger
  • Spread Spectrum Technology
  • Isolated Inputs and Outputs
  • 12-36 Volt DC or AC Operation
  • Optional 120/240 VAC Input Power
  • FCC Certified
  • Made in USA


  • Pump Control
  • Motor Control
  • Solenoid Control
  • Lighting Control
  • Access Control
  • PLC Activation
  • HVAC Control

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 1.8 in
Available Models

SF900C4-B-B-OPT14, SF900C4-B-B-OPT14-PS, SF900C8-B-B-OPT14, SF900C8-B-B-OPT14-PS

Data Sheet

Download (PDF, 460KB)

User Guide [PDF]

Download (PDF, 2.14MB)

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